Visa Signature Promotion

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Project Description

Campaign: Visa Credit Card

GOAL: Promote new Visa Signature cash back credit card; gain signups.

The Visa Signature promotion was a multi-leg campaign with print and digital ads and multiple mailings to advertise a new cash-back credit card. The credit union’s two goals were new signups by nonmembers and current cardholding members to upgrade their card.

Tracked results: 13 new signups after the first round (of six).

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Media produced:
  • Emails

  • Dynamic self-mailer (1)

  • Poster-fold self-mailer (3)

  • Digital ads

  • Posters (printed and digital)

  • Outdoor electronic billboard

  • ATM screen

  • Magazine ad

  • Newspaper ads

Outdoor electronic billboard

Direct Mailer

Dynamic Mailer

Posters, Drive-Up Banners, ATM Screens, Newspaper Ads

Digital ads