Social Media Plans

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Project Description

What We Create 

Our plans are built to align with your current social media plan, but can also be built totally from scratch if you need a social strategy. We start by reviewing your goals, whether that’s pushing promotions or simply general awareness. Then we work to expand your reach and utilize social media as an effective marketing tool to your members. 

Our Process 

Prep & Launch
Once you’ve we’ve met to review your goals and approved a final estimate, our team takes over.

  • We start by developing a social media plan. This includes planning frequency of posts, any ads, messaging and more.
  • Once the plan is created we will reach out and review all details with you to make sure it fits your needs and expectations.
    • Upon approval, our team will move forward with creating each post.
    • We will schedule posts upon your approval of each.

It’s time to create some buzz. After we confirm your schedule, get ready to see the first proof in just a few days.

  • Our creative team will quickly review the scope of the project to confirm all the necessary details.
  • We will work our creative magic to develop content and design.
  • We’ll review your project to ensure it meets our high standards before sending you first proofs for review.

A ‘round of proofing’ counts when you send us an email with changes, edits or notes after we send you a draft of your design.

  • After we completes their first draft of each post, we’ll submit it to you for review.
  • If you have edits, we will make your changes and resubmit the design to you within one business day.
  • You’ll get two rounds of proofing.
  • If needed, we will notify you of any timeline updates via email.

Preparing for Press

Once you approve the final posts and artwork, we’ll prepare and schedule all posts for launch.

  • We’ll prepare all files for launch pertaining to the approved schedule.
    • We usually works ahead to ensure all posts get the appropriate attention they need to maintain quality control while still following the schedule.
Get Started!
What we deliver:
  • Account setup

  • 10-week program

  • Define target audience focus

  • Define platforms utilized (Facebook/Instagram)

  • Establish frequency of posts

  • Plan all post subjects to align with current marketing goals

  • Management of all posts

  • Development of all content

  • Design all imagery

  • Bi-weekly reporting to measure each post

Social media plan add-ons:
  • Animated graphics in posts

  • Video posts

  • Paid posts/Page Post Engagement

Sample Social Media Plans

Templates coming soon. We plan to post some template campaign ideas in the coming weeks. Please contact us if you are needing ideas now.