Renew Your Ride

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Project Description

New Product: Auto Loan Promotion Drip Campaign

GOAL: Gain new auto loans or refinance existing

Renew Your Ride was a campaign we developed to spur more auto loans. The main objective was creating a fun drip campaign, text mark and ad copy that clearly conveyed the main benefits to those either searching for a loan or about ready to. We mailed out 3 different cards based on 3 different lists. Dynamic mailers would go to those that are within 2.5 years of their loan being paid off. The letter style mailers would go out to those that are within 3 years of their loan being paid off. The postcards were sent to those within 2 years of the loans being paid off. These mailings went out every month for 2 years straight to nurture ongoing loan sales. 

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Media produced:
  • Specialty dynamic pop up mailer

  • Direct mailer letter, insert and envelope

  • Postcard

Dynamic Pop-up Mailer