Campaign Theme Ideas + Custom Media Package

Campaign Theme Ideas + Custom Media Package2018-11-29T18:21:07-06:00

Project Description

Campaign Ideas

We post campaign templates monthly. If you’d like campaign ideas, design templates, social media management or are looking for fully customized development to fit your brand, email us or give us a call at 402.235.1328.

What We Create

This level caters to marketing directors who need a full campaign theme and various media designed out and ready for full development. This level will deliver themes equipped with various media types ready for design modification. We will give you our suggested list of media, which you can utilize or plug in on your own. Our team will build out the designs for you in full and get you press ready files to launch.

Design templates will be delivered along with a diagram that shows brand standards and placement guidelines for headlines, graphics and CTAs and any other elements of the ad that we suggest from a design perspective.

Once you purchase the campaign theme idea along with the final six possible media designs, our team will go to work and edit the media to your liking. We will utilize one of the five provided headlines and sub headlines from the theme you choose, then apply content changes to the ad. You will have two rounds of design proofing.

Our Process 

Prep & Launch
Once you’ve chosen the service you’d like and approved a final estimate, our team takes over.

  • If you chose one of our templates, we will simply email you the packaged files within 24 hours of your estimate approval.
  • If you’ve chosen one of our customized campaign plans and need design assistance, we will get to work.
    • Within 24 hours of approving your estimate, you’ll receive an email with your order confirmation and project timeline from us.
    • We’ll then review the project you chose, ask any final questions and start the design process.

It’s time to create some buzz. After we confirm your project, get ready to see the first proof in just a few days.

  • Our designers quickly review the scope of the project to confirm all the necessary details.
  • Designers work their magic to design and lay out your project and specified media.
  • We review your project to ensure it meets our high standards before sending you a first proof for review.

A ‘round of proofing’ counts when you send us an email with changes, edits or notes after we send you a draft of your design.

  • After your designer completes their first draft of your design, we’ll submit it to you for review.
  • If you have edits, we will make your changes and resubmit the design to you within one business day.
  • You’ll get two rounds of proofing.
  • If needed, we will notify you of any timeline updates via email.

Preparing for Press

Once you approve the final artwork, we’ll prepare all files for press or online quality.

  • We’ll give you all the files you need for your team to be used anywhere you want.
  • You’ll have the freedom to manipulate all files as you wish. File formats delivered usually includes Adobe program files, like Photoshop or Illustrator. (eps, ai, psd, tif, or similar)


  • Design time for your first proof usually can be expected within four days. We will inform you of timelines to be exact.
  • For each round of proofing, you can expect a response within a day.
  • Once your project is finished to your satisfaction, we’ll need one day to prepare your files for press and get them totally finalized for you.
What we deliver: Campaign Theme
  • Campaign theme idea and title

  • Explanation of the idea

  • Target audience

  • Goals or expected outcomes with a campaign like this

  • Sample headlines (Up to five different options)

  • Sample sub headlines (Up to five different options)

  • File format delivered: PDF

What we deliver: Up to 6 Custom Designed Media Types
  • Custom design edits

  • Custom content edits

What we deliver: Possible Media Types
  • Print Ads

  • Digital Ads (Up to 5 sizes)

  • Billboard

  • Social Media Post (Image & Content)

  • Radio Script (:30 second spot/music and talent suggested)

  • 6″x11″ Postcard

  • Lobby Poster

  • Teller Handout (No larger than 5″x5″ format)

  • Drive-up banner

  • ATM Screen

  • Animated Ad (gif file type)

  • Lobby Display (Free standing display)

  • Lobby floor decals

Campaign Ideas

Once you defined the service that fits you, we can send you a downloadable file with the final theme and/or design assets for your team to put to use. All design assets will be saved and delivered in working files as well as press ready files. You can manipulate each file as you feel fit. File formats will include all standard Adobe Creative Cloud formats. 

If this package looks right for you give us a call, drop us a quick email or simply fill out the form request below so we can learn your needs. Let us know if you are interested in one of the packages custom tailored to your brand or you have questions about our monthly subscription. Either way we are ready to assist!